Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ye safar chalata rahe...


Take me in ur world! I am new entrant, already late comer, but it is concise decision to join with you. Now its ur responsibility to make me feel free, comfortable.

You may say what a childish is this! Yes, absolutely yes. Though I am using computers about decade, but never fall into love with technology. IT revolution came and went, but I am remain largely aloof. So I have to face music, pay the cost and remained with largely rigid attitude, which is not in tune with changing time.

So, this is attempt to bridge the gap... but I must confirm that still it is not straight from Heart. Still neither genuine nor honest. It is pressure of situation, which force me to rethink. What? Till today, I think that it is content, which is important. Media designer Mario Garcia rightly says content is King, but each passing days had another story to reveal. Its not only content, but technology also equally important! Content must bind with technology to be deliver. Its basic-core philosophy may remain intact, relevant to date but repackaging is almost indispensable. It is like old wine in new bottle.

This is something grinding in my mind. This baby steps in blogging world is direct result of that churning. I hope and pray ye safar chalata rahe...

1 comment:

  1. wow!
    whatta national-international integrity!! Blog name in marathi, blog post in english and post heading in hindi!! That's like santosh kulkarni!!
    jiyo...lage raho!
    best wishes for your new journey!